Skills audit - process and systems

Hi All,

Does anyone have any good practice advice they can share in relation to skills audit processes?

We are embarking on a whole organisation review to audit the skills we have and the skills we need to be future proof for delivering our business in 2020.

We have a highly skilled workforce, but the information tends to be held on a variety of systems, spreadsheets and in managers local files

Where do we start please!

Thanks, Liz

  • Hi Liz,

    I'd be really interested to know if you've managed to make any progress with this.

    I'm in a similar situation within my organisation. I'm looking to start with our engineering department and I'm currently look for tools to help me in identifying the existing levels of skills, knowledge and behaviours.


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    11 Jan, 2017 10:02

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    Hi Tom
    I haven't had any feedback from anyone else so thanks for your email.
    We have recognised that our HR ORIGIN system needs to have a better supply of information, and in particular the job/ role profiles need to be built into the HR system rather than as the standalone Word documents that they currently are.
    At the moment we are data cleansing and working on updating our people records before we can then assess the skills gaps and how we fill them.
    Happy to keep in touch if there is anything else I can share!
    Regards, Liz
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    You have both mentioned Skills Audit/Level etc in your posts, but what would be relevant to understand would be the business purpose for this exercise - for example, its for personal development in a career track, is it redeployment of staff or transfers, is it to identify potential successors, is it to 'build bench strength' for OD purposes, is it to ensure that people have the skills required for their existing roles and so on. This context helps define what process will be relevant, who is included, what oversight is needed and what analytics are key to answering business questions.

    Ping me back if you would like to discuss this further - disclaimer - I work for an organisation that provides such tools and support. www.head-light.co.uk.

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    Has anybody used an ‘audit’ tool to measure where their HR department is as a whole, as this is something I’m currently looking at