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I am currently working on a project to look at offering employees both short term and permanent 'Job Swap' opportunities as a way to support them with their development.  I am very interested to hear if any other organisations currently operate either a formal or informal 'Job Swap' programme in their organisation? How they have made this work in practice and any challenges they may have faced along the way.

I thank you in advance for your input.

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    3 May, 2017 16:53

    Hi Nina, I started a small project some time ago looking at Job Shadowing, Job Swapping and a view to longer term Staff Rotation.  Job Shadowing Guidance was implemented to help supporting promoting and encouraging this.  Job Swapping got as far as a draft paper, which unfortunately stalled with the unions when I went on maternity leave.  The organisational appetite for this diminished when I had returned from maternity so it wasn't pursued at the time.  Following a new organisational strategy, there is a new project to look at Job Rotation.  It's still very early days, but if you want to email, I could provide information on Job Swapping that we produced historically and put you in touch with the people leading on Job Rotation?

  • Hi Nina,

    I am also working on introducing a job swapping scheme. Did anyone reply to you on this? Did you implement in the end?

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