HR Service Management Tool

Does anyone have experience of using HR Service Management Tools within their organisations as a central way of collating HR queries / providing a 'Hub' for HR?

  • Our IT Department uses Topdesk and has been recommending we adopt it too. I have to say that I haven't looked into it properly but our IT Director thinks its marvellous.
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    many thanks Elizabeth, I will look into this.
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    Hi Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I have been researching Topdesk and it looks great for what we are looking to achieve. Can I ask whether you have since used it for your HR service and if not, would I be able to contact your IT Director for an informal chat about how they have found using it?
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    Our IT Director would be happy to chat. If you could send me a personal message, I will respond with his contact details. I'm not going to offer to PM you as I can never make this work.