How can we design more engaging jobs? This is what my study aims to find out!

Hello All!

I'm an MSc student at University of Surrey Business School, on the Occupational Psychology programme, and I'm currently running a research project for my thesis on individual work engagement. I want to see how various aspects of engagement are linked to varying to job characteristics, to add to our understanding of how job design and work environment influence levels of engagement. The study also taps into into individual differences in resilience, hope, optimism and self-efficacy (psychological capital) to see whether those have an impact on the relationship.

I invite everyone interested to participate in the research and contribute to our knowledge on these concepts, which are currently very popular in the world of HR. I would be happy to share the findings with you at the end of my project, if you wish to contact me with your details. 

The more people take part, the more robust the findings of the study! If you have a small break of 15 minutes in your day, please click the link below!

At the end you also have the option to enter a small prize draw for an amazon voucher! Thank you in advance, for helping a budding occupational psychologist!


All the best!