Workplace training outside of normal working hours

I work for a small company and we have a support team that needs to have workplace training together.  The only time we could see that this would work is out of our normal working hours ie. at  8.30 in the morning,  we will pay them for their time.  However, we also want to enforce the fact that they have to attend this training as it is part of their role.  I have not come across this before and have been asked by my senior management team if we can enforce this by saying it could lead to disciplinary action being taken if they do not attend. I am a little wary about this and would appreciate your advice. 

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    I definitely wouldn't start from here.

    I think you are likely to get better buy in and engagement if you sell this as a positive rather than try and enforce it as an obligation. Most people are reasonable if treated reasonably. If the training is worthwhile and you approach people cooperatively then most people will come along (and some might not want the extra money but to say go home early etc)

    As to if this is a reasonable management instruction - it may be but that will depend on the hours people currently do and their life styles, plus how much notice etc you give. But even if you did discipline them it would probably only be a very low level warning - and just think of how much pain it would take to get there. Really not worth it if you can avoid it
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    How about this:

    Someone should contact the team in whatever way you usually use to communicate with them and tell them that there is this great training (or this necessary training) you want to lay on for them but you need them all together at the same time. Could they please come back to you with their suggestions of times and dates. If no suggestions are forthcoming by a deadline (set one which gives them time to check with families etc) then you will book a time and date for them long enough in the future for those with childcare responsibilities etc to make alternative arrangements. Mention that anyone coming in outside their normal hours will, of course, be paid and that refreshments will be laid on (sometimes it's the small things that make a difference to how people react).
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    Thank you for this. This is along the lines of what I was initially thinking but it is always good to get other opinions
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    Dead right - Carrots are better than sticks for getting buy-in (the beatings will stop once morale improves....)
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    I'm thinking carrot batons and hummus for the vegans, but bacon sandwiches for any pork-eating carnivores. And a fruit plate so people can kid themselves they're eating healthily as they tuck into the croissants.
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    Anything that involves free hummus and carrot sticks will get me turning up regardless of the time!
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    Just name the date and time and I'll bunny hop across the channel ;-)