HR - a bargain at £333!

Steve Bridger

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8 Sep, 2017 16:37

Apologies for the click-bait-y title... but we thought we'd signpost this blog post by Laura Harrison, the Strategy Director here at CIPD.

Laura tapped this out in response to a post on the LinkedIn group which referenced a piece in The Times written by the DG of the IEA, who questioned the value of HR.

I especially like the last paragraph in Laura's post.

Your thoughts most welcome :)

  • Another way of looking at it is maybe the cost per employee head of in-house HR staff. At the £333 per head figure with say 100 employees that would be £33000 odd pa which factoring in pay plus employment costs plus overheads won't 'buy' much in terms of salary in some HR person's pocket whereas about 300 employees might similarly be 'worth' about £100,000 - getting to be enough for a reasonably-senior level HR person plus a bit of admin help maybe - but such sweeping generalisations as to be almost meaningless of course
  • Don't worry Steve - The title sucked me in! ;-)