Visa applications - can I reject?


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Can you reject a candidates for a role who require a visa based on budget restrictions if they have the ability to do the and with SoC list?

Any links to where I can find this info welcomed?


  • Hi Steven,

    Tread carefully as this can amount to indirect discrimination. Start with the equality act, right to work should only be considered at the final stage of the selection process.

  • I'm unsure what you mean by budget restrictions - is it because you do not have a sponsorship licence, or the salary you would be paying for the job doesn't meet the requirements for you to be able to sponsor the person?

    If you don't have a sponsorship licence, you don't have to get one just to be able to employ someone who needs a licence. Also, you don't have to pay a higher salary than the job would normally get in order to be able to sponsor someone. If you don't have a licence, and/or the job doesn't meet the criteria in terms of salary, you are unable to offer it to a person who needs a licence. It isn't discrimination - you are just following the law.
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    Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We have a licence to sponsor as a company, the question is more about if you can choose which roles you offer visa support based on budget allocated for costs of applications and relocation?

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    Unless you have an internal policy you have no obligation at all to pay relocation / interview travel costs. There are arguments if it is a good or a bad thing but its largely your decision.
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