3RHCA level 3

Hi every body

i have assignments to be done and i have picture to download on system. it can not enter please any one know contact me. 

  • Hi Zinah,

    I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand the problem. Are you trying to download something onto your system, or the system for whoever your assignment is for?
  • In reply to Teresa:

    Iam trying to download picture on oakwood international to submit the 1st assignment on CIPD level 3 but i couldn't do it
  • In reply to ZINAH:

    If you are on a windows pc you can use the snipping tool to capture the image if the site is set up to stop you downloading the picture direct.
  • In reply to ZINAH:

    Further to Keith’s comment, if the picture is locked by the site then you can’t copy it. This then begs the question: should you use it?

    If you feel you should use it, then on Windows machines you can use screen print to take a copy - the ‘PrtSc’ key, usually on the top row of keys - then paste it into your document and crop it to the bit you want.

    On Macs use the ‘Grab’ app if you have it; if not hold down sift-squiggle*-4 together, let go & drag cursor across the part of the screen that you want, hold shift down then release mouse. This copies it so you can paste it into your document. (*squiggle here means the Mac equivalent of ctrl, looks like 88 but I haven’t got one here to use!)
  • In reply to Teresa:

    Thank you a lot for your feedback. I solve the problem by entering different browser.