Employees at same level

I need an advice from HR perspective, if there are 2 employees with the same level and only one of them will have to advance.

Based on what is the decision taken on who is to move forward? In a fair and professional way.

  • Hi Shoug

    I would start by thinking about the skills, experience etc that someone would need to succeed in the more senior role and how you would test for those skills etc. If their current roles already demand the same skills it might be that one candidate is clearly the better fit, but will the other employee agree? In the interest of fairness, I would give both employees the opportunity to apply even if one seems better qualified. Then, if both apply, carry out your selection process based on the assessment of the skills etc needed to succeed in the role.
  • However way you contextualise an annual appraisal you can help contextualise who goes to the next level. KPIs over the last 12 months, inclusive of behaviour and whatever ancillary numbers your business desires from staff. Is it an automatic advancement for one of the two, or an application process? Do they have regular meetings where they are made aware of current performance? All of this feeds into how to decide and how fair the decision will be.