CPD Payments


Looking for some advice from professionals.  I work in a fire station that comes under a government agency. Our station ng the decision to include jjjjjjjjjjpolicies are drawn up in house by our Divisional Officer/Station Manager.  The agency has decided to provide a CPD payment to all fire service personnel. We have a maintenance of skills structure that ensures all personnel are fully qualified and up to date with requirements for their role. We will also be implementing appraisals in order to identify personal development needs and capture those who are willing to progress through the ranks. We all carry out secondary duties as part of our roles.

In the process of devising and implementing a CPD policy, management want to include attendance and timekeeping conditions as part of the requirement for full payment.  This appears to be completely unfair as despite having disciplinary processes for excessive absence and tardiness, they want to also implement a financial penalty taken from a professional development payment. Therefore, this effectively becomes a double punishment.  If excessive absence affects professional development, it will be picked up by our maintenance of skills programme anyway so the individual wouldn't be able to receive full payment. However, as some aspects of our maintenance of skill rely on 6 monthly/yearly re-assessments, it may be the case that some longer periods of absence do not affect the maintenance of skills. Time keeping is even less relevant with regards CPD.

As a result, some of our members are challenging management's decision to include absence and time keeping in our Cpd policy and payments.

Are we in our rights to do so? Is management wrong? I would appreciate any professional feedback on this matter.

Many thanks!