Trade Union Act 2016 - What are your views?

Dear Colleagues,

Recent changes in UK legislation (Trade Union Act 2016) seem to have affected the employment relations climate, specially for industries involved with Trade Unions and other forms of collective representation. When deciding my research thesis, I strongly believed Business managers and professional advisers will benefit from up-to-date academic research that addresses these issues.

As UK business advisors, I would much value your opinion and therefore I kindly ask you to participate by completing a short anonymous survey at:


I would also much appreciate it if this link could be passed on to other colleagues to other colleagues within the profession. A higher number of responses among professional advisors will greatly benefit the relevance of the study.

Many thanks for your help with this.


  • Sebastian

    Good luck in the research

    I am not sure the TU Act 2016 has had any great effect which might limit your research and ability to write an interesting report- what range of effects do you think it has had?

  • In reply to Keith:

    Dear Keith

    Thank you ever so much for completing the survey.

    Part 2 of the survey deals with the constructs which were present in the public discourse leading to and after the enactment of the Act. Part 1 is about how people build up their knowledge of employment law and regulations. Preliminary results are already showing a significant relationship between both, but I would like to increase the sample size as per gaining additional power.

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