What do you use this community for?

Regulars here will know that I ask such questions from time to time over the (nearly 10) years, and many of you have shared your experience before. But I know there are new people joining us here all the time. 

I'd like to get a new steer from you guys, about what you mostly use this online community for, what you find most useful, and valuable. And what is missing... what would improve it (apart from an 'edit' window!). We know there is much to improve.

A bullet point, or three below would be very helpful. And if you read something from another member you agree with, please say so; "seconded" (that sort of thing).

Even if you value what you read when you visit the forums, but choose not to post yourself (which is perfectly OK with us), it would be good to hear that - yes, I'm inviting you to post this once.

Thank you.

Community Manager

  • In reply to Steve Bridger:

    Kathryn - this is a very interesting new perspective. Thank you.

    Several people have commented how reading the experiences and opinions of others can change preconceptions - and this also says much about your own appetites for learning, and willingness to share :)

    The "email alert" system certainly seems to be borked. We're aware of this, but there's nothing obvious that might 'fix' it - pending an upgrade to the community platform itself.

    Two things...

    1. If you are not receiving email alerts for threads to which you have subscribed, please do go to Your Profile (you may be asked to login again) and check the email address we have for you is the most up-to-date one.

    2. Those who are receiving alerts may still wish to review the manage your subscriptions page. You may be receiving alerts you may no longer need. You can bookmark this page, too - it's a litte hidden.


  • In reply to Steve Bridger:

    Dear Steve

    Fiona and Jeny have suggested that discussions are sorted by most recent post rather than their start date - I would like to add my support to that request.  That way important discussions are less likely to get lost among a welter of new and often repetitious enquiries.  It should also make your job as moderator easier by adding a post to older / established threads which are relevant to new enquiries.

    Congratulations for a useful 'consultation',  my inbox is full of emails advising of people contributing!! 

  • Working in a standalone position it's great to have the community page.  It allows for a different perspective and valuable advice is provided.

    I utilise the search engine in the community page to assist regularly, not sure what I would do without it :)


  • In reply to Steve Bridger:

    Thanks for that feedback, Claire.

    Just in case you haven't seen this thread. It's a cracker...

    Standalone HR, how do you cope?



  • I agree with all the previous comments about the use of Communities.  It's probably the main, if not only, reason that I renewed my membership again.  How could I cope without the useful, educational and witty comments from the Davids and Peters?  I feel as if I have learnt so much from reading the comments and the threads on the communities.

    I would love to be able to "like" a comment, something which has been raised so many times, and to be able to sort by last post to first post.

    Otherwise, please continue to educate us all


  • There is not much more that can be added, I corroborate all of the above.

    Basically, this forum has been my saviour in so many occasions, and precisely today I posted something for the FIRST time (in the employment law section), and got the perfect response to the issue I tabled. It was very informative, but also, kind of exciting!!!

    I had contemplated that I could maybe not get a reply... but I did!

    I really appreciate the generosity of everyone sharing their time and knowledge.

    So, to bring my small contribution to an end, thanks very much all!


  • Beatriz - thank you so much for sharing that. This 'sense of community' in this place is a wonderful thing. You have all created something special.