Which HR Software for SME organisation?

Hi everyone,

I am currently looking for a new HR software. We still work on spreadsheets which is a nightmare. I was wondering if you have any experience with the below companies:

I appreciate people asked similar questions on this topic as browsed the previous threads too but these were about 2 years ago and things in this area change a lot over time. 

So any feedback/sharing your experience  would be welcome.

Thank you.



People HR
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    Just noticed that you're in the charity/ngo space - if it's not too late to take a look at Breathe HR as it's free to charities...
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    Did you end up using Natural HR and how are you finding it?

  • Hi there,

    if it helps - I have implemented PeopleHR at a small charity I volunteer with and it does exactly what they need at relatively small cost - they also allow us to have all our volunteers registered on the system at no extra cost (no clocking in and out functionality for them)

    in the business I now work in I have inherited Simply Personnel (with no option to change) - which is the offering from Croner - I was not a fan but as I begin to work with it, it is growing on me. It is not as funky or shiny or user friendly as People HR but it does do a good job, it also has a really good reporting function - all at a pretty good price!

    It also has add ons and we have just implemented Self Service, which has been relatively customisable by ourselves - I am all in favour of employees having accountability and ability to manage their own data, holidays and absence reporting and this module has been really easy to roll out across a diverse workforce, from factory floor to boardroom

    hope that helps

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    We're in the process of implementing it Louise, so will be able to give you feedback by the summer. The delay was at our end, as we needed to schedule it around other project work.
  • Anyone still reading this thread do not touch Accessgroup they have been a nightmare and the software is not user friendly. We agreed to an upgrade and 12 months on they are still trying to move our data over which as you can imagine is a nightmare.
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    Hi, interesting comments on Simply, I had this in a previous role as at the time cost was everything. Its moved on loads so I thought about taking it at my new place but am told its no longer sold and they are phasing out the support? Shame as I think it had progressed into a decent system.

    I am now having to re-think. We have People HR on one site but at 500 employees and £3 per month our board would rather I found a more cost effective solution....

    This thread is brilliant for ideas though.
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    Hi there,

    interestingly in the last few days we have had some ongoing issues with Simply that the support cannot/will not fix and they have finally said that they are no longer investing in development for it. They have directed us to BrightHR, who are a sister company owned by Croner and we are currently lookng at their system. They are doing good deals to get Simply customers to move across. Around £2-3 pounds a head seems to be average.

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    Hi Husna, I am currently looking to implement a new software, so many to choose from. Access group is one that we have in our top three, however I have not had much favourable feedback, just noticed your feedback on to avoid too.

    Has anyone heard of Point Solutions or used it? I really like there LMS, however struggling to gain more feedback from people who have used them.

    Is anyone using Bamboo HR, wondered if anyone had any feedback on this?

    I liked the look of People HR, however I am not sure they can cover what we require in the training area.

    thanks Claire
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    Hi Claire. You should check out an HR platform called Youmanage - it's got great functionality and is fairly priced
  • I have just stumbled across this post and found it very interesting. We are currently looking for a new system but with a managed payroll. Anyone tried cintra, cascade-go or MHR. These are my front runners . Would be great to get some feedback.
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    Hi Rachel, you mentioned that the costs were around £2-3 per head. Is this only for the basic HR package? all the quotes I have are between £4 - 7 per head.
    Thanks Claire
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    thanks Craig, just had a look at their website it is not a software that was on my list. I can't see anything regarding training, does the system record and allow training to be booked?
  • I am currently trialling Youmanage at my new role and it looks easy enough to use. We have one months' free trial.
  • Have you looked at Tensor . Theres a time attendance element but i dont think you HAVE to use it, self service portals for staff, phone apps and a recruitment module too.
  • Hi Lenka have you looked at Simply Personnel? I was looking at a new HRIS a few years ago and like the intuitive functionality