Which HR Software for SME organisation?

Hi everyone,

I am currently looking for a new HR software. We still work on spreadsheets which is a nightmare. I was wondering if you have any experience with the below companies:

I appreciate people asked similar questions on this topic as browsed the previous threads too but these were about 2 years ago and things in this area change a lot over time. 

So any feedback/sharing your experience  would be welcome.

Thank you.



People HR
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    Hi Robin,

    they are no longer selling or supporting Simply Personel as Croner are investing all time into their new product Bright HR. I have discovered this to my cost as we have had Simply for a long time and now have issues with it that can't be resolved and having looked at Bright - whilst it is a great product for a SME it lacks what Simply gave you.

    Hope that helps Lenka

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    Hi we are teetering on the edge of signing up with PeopleHR, demo and trial has gone well. They have just been acquired by The Access Group and one potential benefit from this is the product roadmap to eventually integrate it seamlessly with their managed payroll bureau. Is your warning about The Access Group about their own HRMS? That could well be why they've acquired PeopleHR in that case?
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    Hi Claire.
    I can help with the PointSolutions feedback. I have implemented their HR and LMS systems and can definitely recommend. The systems offer flexible functionality, real time reporting and fully integrated in Office 365. Can’t comment on the other systems but hope that helps.
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    Hi Tracy
    That's helpful feedback, thank you
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    Hi Claire, We are partnering with Point Solutions to implement our HRIS and found the system to provide us with all our needs and is user friendly. We have received excellent feedback from Managers and Employees alike, and the HR Team love it! We are just implementing the LMS and very excited about the possibilities it will bring. Point Solution also provide us with an excellent customer experience with a high level of technical expertise - we are very happy and confident in recommending them!
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    Thanks Lynda, we signed up with PeopleHR just before Christmas but will bear your comments in mind for the future, thank you
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    Hi Lynda, We are a growing organisation of about 1200 employees without anything in place now- do you know if PointSolutions would be worth looking into? Obviously looking for some cost saving solutions.
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    I can second Husana's feedback. My company have Access and it is not worth it unless you are prepared to throw a ton of money at it and still have issues.

    One we are looking at is Zoho - looks pretty good but we are at the early stages of investigating.
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    In my view and personal experience one of the best software out there is youmanage. Affordable with an amazing support team.
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    Hi Jacqueline, I'd love to see if I could help you with this. Please drop me an email christopher.atchley@oneadvanced.com to schedule a call. Kind regards, Chris
  • Hi

    Does anyone have any experience with ActivPeopleHR? I like the look of the extra modules which can be built on to their system, as we are looking for a programme which can help us centralise performance management and training records. Ideally I would love a system which can cross reference our training records with general person spec/ requirements for the role to identify training and development etc...
    Also, a system where department managers can complete their team's appraisals directly on to the system so it is all recorded centrally rather than on different pieces of paper and spreadsheets! We have 170 staff and growing...

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    Hi Lynn, I'd love to have a quick chat with you. Please drop me an email at christopher.atchley@oneadvanced.com Kind regards, Chris
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    I’m sole HR for c130 people. I looked at most of those mentioned here, but eventually went for PeopleHR.

    Eight months on and it’s fabulous - to the extent we’ve just gone up to the £3pp option. Yes, there are niggles and bits that don’t work exactly as we want them to, but you’re always going to have that unless you’re in the position of being able to have bespoke software. Support has been fabulous, both the online help and the on-screen instructions.

    Main reason for choosing them initially was that I wanted UK based servers. Partly for GDPR and partly because I didn’t know, post-Brexit, what problems might be caused by European-based servers - at that time we were still pre-Brexit. PeopleHR were the only company that gave me a straight answer on the country-base of their system.

    It’s been very well received by all, particularly the Directors, and even by some severe technophobes!
  • Hi. Does anyone have experience with www.oneadvanced.com/.../ or Microsofts own?