Insights and views of retaining Millennials

Hello everyone! I'm in the process of completing my final year dissertation on the Retention of Generation Y (Millennials) employees.

If you are aged between 22-40 I would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes of your time to complete my survey and share with your colleagues. I need about 200 so your feedback is much appreciated

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  • If there are any HR professionals willing to assist me in my study, please do get in touch or post your insights below. Thanks
  • Hi,

    I've completed for you, just as an addition (as a Millennial) flexibility and benefits such as being able to work from home/bring my dogs to work are as important to me than the financial rewards (still not found an employer who will but the cost of care is equitable to my colleagues who have childcare! Not to mention the health and well being benefits).
  • In reply to Annette Gleeson:

    Thanks Annette, Yes many are now tapping into health and wellbeing in the workplace, im working on an assignment for that right now.
  • Done. Now, you have also an advice from an international perspective ;)