** Caption competition - #2 **

Steve Bridger

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14 Dec, 2018 17:36

The standard set from our first batch of captions has been very high. In fact, I'd say the best ever  

So here's our second and final cartoon for this year.

As before, the winning caption will win £50-worth of M & S vouchers. Thanks again to Simon Heath for the illustration!


You are invited to post your witty caption suggestions below. Extra points if you can somehow wangle in an “HR” slant to your caption! Funny is good, too - although be warned, the judges (CIPD staff) are tough nuts to crack. 

The obvious guidelines on rude words and gratuitous product placement apply. Thank you.

Both this and last week's caption thread will remain open to entries until midnight on 31st December - and the winner will be announced when we all return after the New Year break.

Good luck...

* Tip: we’re looking for *captions* - which tend to be better when short-ish in length.

The legal bit: Competition Terms & Conditions 

  • HR said ‘if you didn’t spend so much time on social media, you wouldn’t have missed the next sleigh, you’re have to take the train instead’
  • Santa:

    Let me search what "CIPD's Employee Outlook: Focus on commuting and flexible working" says
  • Santa's heart plummeted as he suddenly realised the elves had forgotten he was a member of the Whatsapp group
  • Santa decided to take advantage of Amazon's 1 hour delivery slots
  • While more than happy to play Santa at the Company Christmas party, Jim from HR worried that the staff wish-lists might breach the GDPR.....
  • On his way to the disciplinary Santa desperately tried to find evidence that asking women to sit on his knee and asking if they've been naughty was part of his remit.
  • Being grounded by all the drone activity Santa was glad for the contingency plan the Elf’s had worked on.

     ( too soon ? )

  • Santa was busy tweeting his complaint that the Northern Line did not actually stop at the North Pole.
  • In reply to Susan:

    (Santa, on phone, tweeting)

    “On Christmastide operations, on tube.

    Rather upset, because some grim-faced fellow passenger has just angrily berated me for being a ‘pathetic running dog of the Western Christian cultural hegemony’ “
  • Santa was fully compliant with the No Texting While Driving a Sleigh at Work Policy!
  • Santa's text to wife: Hope to be back just after midnight. This new policy on not using your personal vehicle for work ain't fair, shift taking longer than usual!
  • Santa tweets: Reindeers made redundant, whatever next...outsourcing?
  • HR's reply to his admission of being stopped and held overnight for drink-sleighing did not bode well for Santa's future....
  • Santa tweeted joy and delight at being nominated by the CIPD for the New Years honours list having contributed so much in driving up engagement and happiness scores over years of dedicated service to HR
  • In reply to Kevin Elvidge:

    Email From: Membership@cipd.co.uk
    To: S.Claus@northpole.gov

    Dear Santa

    I refer to our previous email correspondence regarding your use of the designation Santa Claus FCIPD.

    Whilst we applaud your tireless work in our tube trains ( especially from our HQ here at the Wimbledon spur of the District Line), we cannot possibly accept your explanation that FCIPD stands in your case for ‘Facilitator of Christmas In Passenger Depots.’

    However, both in the spirit of Christmas and in recognition of everything you do to promote commuting-employee engagement, we have officially made you an honorary Fellow of this our Chartered Institute.

    So, you be sure to have a very Merry Christmas, Santa Claus FCIPD!