Employee Performance - Help Needed

Hi everyone. 

So I am new into my HR career. I have been given a project by my HR manager around how an employee should spend their time in the office. She want's to know (in percentage terms) how an employee should spend their time in the office on Development, Well-being, Engagement, Work-life balance etc.

Any help or points in the right direction would be much appreciated as I cannot find any guides on this.

Many thanks

  • Stacey

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    With all due respect to your manager its a pretty odd question that wont have an answer or even a sensible starting point. I would go back to my manager and try and understand better what they are actually looking for and what they will use it for? Either their question wasn't clear or its lost something in the translation.

    If we are talking about general employees (non HR) it will be a relatively small % of their time but that % will vary over time and depending on the role and culture of the organisation. Someone in a highly stressed role (say a Mental Health Nurse ) might need to spend a higher % of their time on their well being than say possibly in a very different environment (say a receptionist).

    I would be fascinated to understand the thought process behind this question.

    Sure colleagues will be more than happy to help - but perhaps understanding where this is going will be helpful
  • If you asked my directors, the answer would be "100% should be spent on WORK!" I jest, of course. ;)

    But I would agree with Keith. None of those terms are well-defined activities. More information is required! And if you're asked for information like this, it is always helpful to ask the asked: "And what do you plan to do with this information?" This will always give you a clue about what kind of data they're looking for.
  • I agree with colleagues and sympathize with the challenge you face in delivering on this project.
    At the risk of being somewhat controversial, I am going to offer you a starting point / answer to your "what percentage" question. My starting point would be 2%
    How did i land there ? Approx 240 working days in a year ( excluding 20 days annual holiday) and a "budget" of 5 days / 240 per employee for development and training activities would not be untypical of some of the companies in which I have worked in the past. Now that leaves you with well-being, engagement and work-life balance and as colleagues have said... very much a matter of definitions . If "well being" was defined as participating in one half day workshop per year on healthy diet and exercise and being allowed to leave early ( one hour per week) to attend a gym that would be another 2.7%
    If engagement was narrowly defined as 2 days per year engaging in a community activity that's another 0.8% If work-life balance was defined as making use of a flexible benefits/holidays scheme with a facility ( through salary sacrifice) to purchase 5 extra days holiday per year that's another 2%. In conclusion with the above completely random definitions and assumptions I am up to 7.5%
    The main purpose of my response is to give you some examples to use as a way of engaging with your boss and seeking clarification on exactly what she wants. I'm guessing that few of the above assumptions are likely to be on target but establishing what the project is NOT about may help you get a bit closer to what it IS about.