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Received my renewal letter yesterday. Please would someone rejuvenate my interest? Do you feel membership has benefits? I'm genuinely struggling to see what value it offers to be honest.

(I do appreciate the irony of using the community site to post this!)

  • Haven't received my new card yet, so can't comment on how scrappy it might be.
    But I'm glad to see the back of the "credit card" - it's just another piece of plastic.

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    Although I have many thoughts about the value of my £190 membership, the membership card quality certainly isn't one of them. When do you actually need to show this? I'm guessing never. And therefore why shouldn't the CIPD cut down on unnecessary plastic use? This is one area I am in support of.
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    As a job applicant when proving membership of this and other professional bodies. Employers check professional memberships along with original qualifications and proof of identity, at least they do in this neck of the woods.

    I now have a slightly ripped piece of paper to present.

    I would think that HR professionals would be the very group who would want to ensure that those who say they are members, actually are by checking?

    As to the original question, in my case I learn a lot from my membership. It keeps me up to date with current legislation and good practice. The daily emails are useful, the podcast interesting and of course reading the threads on here is always informative.
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