part time workers (Ireland)


I was wondering if anyone could help / advise me on an issue that has come up. My company decided to treat employees to a night out on a Thursday a mile stone celebration. They then decided to give everyone the Friday off so they could really enjoy the night. 

Employee who were on Holidays on that Friday, got their holiday day back. 

We have some part time employee's who wouldn't have been in work on the Friday anyway so they didn't lose or gain anything. However the part time employees feel they should get an extra day off.

What are other peoples thoughts?



  • If you hadn't given the people off on holiday the day off then I think your stance that they hadnt gained or lost anything would carry far more weight. They have (arguably) been treated less favourably than the FT staff who had booked annual leave on the Friday and for the sake of the few extra days annual leave you need to give is this really such a big deal as all that to pay/give extra time of?