Changes to contract T&C's

If you make a change to a contract and have given written notice of the change, should all employees be sent an amended copy of their new contract?

Or is the copy amended on company file and employees just have notification of the change?

Change is to their notice period.

  • Hi Pam

    When, after you have been through consultation with the employees affected by the contractual changes and have received their agreement, then you can issue an addendum letter confirming the changes and stating that all other terms and conditions of their contract remain the same.

  • I think may be linked to your other post about changing notice periods. You would need to consult and get agreement to the change first. You can't just notify people that their terms and conditions are changing.

    If people do not agree to the change, you can give notice that their current contract is ending and then offer them a new one starting the very next day. You would need to be aware though that this means you are dismissing them - if they do not accept the new contract, they leave on the date the old one ends and you risk unfair dismissal claims, together with a sudden loss of employees
  • In reply to Teresa:

    In addition to Teresa’s wise words I would suggest that beyond ‘consulting’ you will need to explain, persuade and convince staff about the need for change. You may succeed more easily by paying a couple of months pay as a ´sweetener’ for agreeing to the change.....