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Hi Everyone!

I am interested in hearing some feedback from real users of two HRIS - People HR & Cascade HR. We have a long list of positives about both, but would like to hear some honest opinions from real users (rather than sales people) about how you are finding these systems. Any great features you love? Annoying things you cannot cope with? 

Any feedback will be appreciated, thank you!

  • We're a small company of 140 people. We've just installed PeopleHR - about 4 months ago? I went for these because they were the only ones who confirmed that their servers are in the UK (I've since found out that others also have UK servers, but they couldn't/wouldn't confirm that to me when I asked). Ignoring the politics, this was important to me because of Brexit - we just don't know at the moment what will happen if/when we leave Europe so I thought it best to stay in the UK. So far I'm very happy with them. They really held my hand throughout the installation process and continue to do so when asked.

    I do have three major niggles though:

    • When the system sends an email, eg: if you're inviting someone into the system, there's no way of knowing that it's gone - you hit the button and nothing appears to happen. It would be so easy to have an 'email has been sent' message appear so you know it's gone.
    • There is an area for personal tasks, however the default for this is to show all tasks - both completed and not completed. Every time you go on to this screen you see every task ever listed (which even at this early stage is pretty impressive!), but you have to select 'hide completed' to just see the outstanding ones. I did contact them about this as to me it would be more logical to show the not completed as the default, but they said this was what was asked for.....
    • I cannot get the letter bit to work properly. There is an area where you can have letter, etc, templates that automatically populate themselves with the employee's details, but I cannot find any way to use this with our headed paper. It doesn't matter what I do to the various selections, it comes out looking exactly the same. Not a major problem as I just type the letters the old fashioned way and import them into the employee's file, but it is annoying as it would be so useful if it worked.

    Don't know if this helps or not?

  • In reply to Teresa:

    Hi Teresa
    I'm interested to read your comments as we're likely to go with PeopleHR. Have your above niggles been resolved? Have you found any additional niggles since your post in August?
    Many thanks
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    Hi Claire, if you haven't already, I would recommend you prepare detailed scripted scenarios regarding functionality, tasks etc and invite demonstrations and Q&A's.
  • In reply to Carol C:

    Hi Carol
    Thank you for this. I have had demos and have been setting up fake IDs on the trial system reflecting real life scenarios with changing full time to part time, long term sickness absence etc to see how the system operates and they've answered all my queries when raised. Renewal of our existing system with an upgrade to get it to do what PeopleHR is works out 2-3 times more expensive so while PeopleHR may not do 100% of what I want I am confident it is going to be an improvement (fingers crossed!)

    Did you conduct a Data Protection Impact Statement before moving your live data to PeopleHR?

    Many thanks in advance for your advice which is much appreciated.

  • In reply to Claire Padbury:

    Hi Claire

    It was such a long time ago, now, 2010 to 2011 but I can't recall doing the DP impact statement
  • In reply to Carol C:

    Hi Carol
    OK thank you for getting back to me
  • In reply to Claire Padbury:

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