New HRIS Software Implementation

Good Morning,

I know this has been covered a lot throughout the posts, which I have utilised to research a number of software's.

I have received demo's for Cascade, CIPHR, BreatheHR and Access Group.  Breathe HR I liked, however won't do more than 250 employees so this doesn't work for our growth plans.

I am not a fan of how Cascade and CIPHR look - however both systems do more than enough for what we require as a business.

Access Group looks to be the top so far, however I have added Cezanne HR into the mix and will demo them asap.

We will be utilised the system across a group of global companies over 250 employees with growth plans - we will have the usual onboarding requirements, recruitment, performance management, succession planning, reports, training requirements / development plans.

I wondered if anyone had any experience with these systems and any feedback they can provide would be great.  

I just want to make sure we pick the right one as you can imagine with the time and cost of the implementation of a new system.



  • Hi Claire,

    Good luck with your selection. I looked at all of the ones you mentioned above in the same situation last year. We had some quite specific needs, and then a range of wishlist items too, and the list all have strengths and weaknesses. We eventually implemented (are presently implementing) Natural HR.

    While I therefore can't comment on the systems you've shortlisted, based on my experience to date I'd really really recommend over-estimating the amount of time you give to the project and/or bringing in some external help. Working in a school, I've done nothing much else during the summer vacation period (so about 2 months) but feel like I've barely scratched the surface. We were moving very much from a bunch of spreadsheets and a download from the payroll system, so much of this summer work has been gathering and cleaning data - but I'm still struck by just how much time you can spend making something work well. I know it's an investment of time now, to save time (and improve quality) in the future - and I know this was entirely driven by me - but I'm still slightly drowning in it right now!

    Good luck.

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    Hi Nina

    We are just about to start implementation with NaturalHR and have our kick off meeting hopefully on Friday. Would be interested in any tips or advice to get through it. As you have mentioned the past 2 months seemed to have been swallowed up with reviewing systems and demos so looking forward to getting stuck into getting the new systems set up and seeing the benefits.

    Hi Claire

    I will agree with Nina with regard to the timings, I put together a comparison report to help make our decision from a helpful contact on this forum, I would be happy to share this with you if it helps. Out of your list we only demo'd CascadeGo and BreatheHR but as we're a global organisation too they did not fit with our full requirements. Other than NaturalHR I recommend BambooHR to demo (they were a very close 2nd in our selection).

    Kind regards

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    Good luck with your implementation Liz. Very happy to message offline if that's easiest - nina.waters@emanuel.org.uk
  • Thank you Nina and Elizabeth for you comments.
    Yes, I have implemented a system before and I totally under estimated the time frame and resources required for this so I am trying to be mindful of this too.

    That's interesting I did not have Natural HR in my list I will go and review this system.

    We are in a similar issue here we have 4 spreadsheets, two different HR systems and payroll system - the team is just not efficient and so much duplication.
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    Hi Liz,

    I'm just trawling threads for software feedback / recommendations, as just embarking on this type of project. I wondered if you wouldn't mind sharing your comparison report with me too?

    Many thanks in advance,
  • In reply to Nina Waters:

    Hi Claire,

    Similar to Nina after going through the shortlisting process you are doing now we decided to go with Natural HR. We did not have an HRIS at all before so wanted to have something that was simple enough to use and that could grow with us. Like Nina this was a project entirely driven and managed by myself, and I managed to do the original roll out for 150 people in 3 months but it was tough!

    I would suggest that you prioritise what you would like to roll out first and do it in sections as no matter how much effort you put into it there will be glitches at roll out!! For instance I did holidays then time-sheets then I did performance reviews, expenses etc... makes it more manageable.

    I also found it helpful to create help sheets for using the system that you can distribute out to save you saying the same thing 100% over... trust me on that one!!

    Natural HR's support team are great, not just in implementation but continued could be worth asking for a demo!

    Good luck with your search Claire!