Business insurance for employees using own vehicles for work

I am after some help, we currently ask all our employees to sign a form confirming that they have business insurance included in their car insurance policy if they are going to be doing any driving for work reasons. Is this enough to protect us from any possible insurance claims against the business should they be in an accident and injure someone as they have given written confirmation that that have this, or should we be asking for proof that they have business insurance on their insurance policy?

  • I'm not sure of the proof, but we offer to pay the difference in my workplace to cover the difference between normal and business use insurance. All submitted the normal way through expenses - I guess this shows they have it.
  • In my company we have to show we have business insurance, if we dont we are not authorised to use our car for business use.

  • Hi Robin,

    We ask for a copy of their insurance which shows that they have business included
  • Thanks for the responses.
  • I am not sure if either will protect you against claims ( your question) if you are found to be negligent or at fault. ( ie staff working excessive hours etc).

    If staff are driving on company business you probably should carry out more checks ( lots of guidance on grey fleets) and certainly check licences , actual insurance documents etc.
  • Hi Robin - the policy should say business to business and employers business also, you should gain a copy of their insurance and ensure it’s valid. You don’t say the type of work. I don’t think a signed form goes far enough. You do say employees and not self employed so if unfortunately something does go wrong you maybe vicariously liable