Career Switching

Morning all I am currently studying my Level 5 and was hoping to get a little advice or insight on how to better put myself across when applying for HR roles. I work in the Hospitality industry and I am a senior General Manager with a great wealth of experience in HR especially over the past 10 years when I moved into more senior roles. Has anyone here gone through a similar transition? Thanks Scott
  • Hi Scott - not having gone through the experience, I can't give any direct advice, but there are a lot of threads on here about people trying to do what you are doing if you do a search. The general consensus seems to be it's hard, but with the right dedication you can get there.

    My advice would be to carefully read the job description and amend your c.v. to demonstrate where your experience can match up to what the employer is looking for. Also, your general management experience should help you demonstrate your commercial understanding, which is something very much required in HR these days.

    But be prepared to step down a couple of levels - it's unlikely that you will be able to move into a comparable role without the direct HR experience.

    Best of luck!

  • Hi, I switched from retail management to HR and found that it helped adapting my CV as already mentioned. I listed my HR responsibilities according to the HR sectors and demonstrated the impact I had made. while I had the support of a HR recruiter with my CV and some interviews under my belt, I found the perfect role for my by direct application. good luck with your search. Gemma
  • Hi Scott,

    Before getting into HR I worked in another industry for 10 years some of which was in a management role.

    In my CV I focussed on my HR experience that I gained as a manager for example conducting investigations and performance management processes. Also I highlighted the transferable skills that I learnt as a manager.

    However that being said in order to get into HR I had to start off as an HR Administrator as the feedback that I received from my HR Advisor applications was that it required direct HR experience. I look back and agree with that feedback as my time although short as an HR Administrator provided the HR foundations required for me to progress.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards