** Caption competition - #2 **

Steve Bridger

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16 Dec, 2019 09:42

Well, we've had a fabulous response to our first caption, which I posted last week. Here's your second 'cartoon' to caption. 

Keep your captions coming - for both.

The two winning captions will each win £50-worth vouchers.

A reminder of the format...

You are invited to post your witty caption suggestions below. Extra points if you can wangle in an “HR” slant to your caption! Funny is good, too - although be warned, the judges (CIPD staff) are tough nuts to crack. This should be the perfect activity for those of you who have a commute to and from work, and frankly, with all that's going on in the world... I need my chuckle muscle exercised, too.

The obvious guidelines on rude words and gratuitous product placement apply. Thank you.

This thread (and last week's) will remain open to entries until midnight on 31st December - and the winner will be announced when we all return after the New Year break.

Here goes...

* Tip: we’re looking for *captions* - which tend to be better when short-ish in length.

The legal bit: Competition Terms & Conditions

Thank you again to Simon Heath for the illustration!

  • "I KNOW this map of the North Pole isn't very informative, but you have to start your induction training somewhere...."

  • "...And one more smart remark about my not using "PowerPoint" and you'll be looking at an Age-Discrimination Grievance on your Christmas list...."

  • "...So: Welcome to this year's statutory 'Elf and Safety training...."

  • 364 days to do an induction and HR still leave it to Christmas Eve!
  • Okay guys, I have agreed you can have new terms and conditions, so what's on your wish list?
  • by the 18th December, even Santa and his elves had run out of ideas for elf on a shelf
  • and Santa said to his elves "can we just assume that one of the expectations is "have fun" without having to write it down every time and yes, the slides will be available at the end"
  • The Elvish Union were unimpressed with Santa's explanation of the need for zero hours contracts for their workers.
  • In reply to Isabel:

    Good morning, Gnomes!

    This is a most appropriate time of year to commemorate one of your band, Paul Simon, who moved on to become one of the world's greatest singer / songwriters. He famously wrote and sang, many years ago:

    " A winter's day

    In a deep and dark


    I am a gnome..."

  • "continuous learning: we don't stop" the picture is showing learning activity even during Xmas holidays
  • In reply to David:

    But in fact David, he was a leprechaun, because shortly afterwards he sings:

    ".....I am in I...reland"
  • "Surely little Sammy goes on the naughty list?" sighed Santa.

    "Afraid not Santa", said Pip the GDPR Elf.

    "He's also exercised his right for us to erase his data".
  • Its that time of year again, the elf and safety refresher course.
  • At the latest L&D development meeting.

    “Ok, let’s put some ideas together for how to learn some ‘self-elf’ at the point of need.”
  • Welcome to the first day of our elf-awareness course. (instead of self-awareness) hehehe

    I know this is a really busy time of year, but after yesterday’s incident we need to quickly revisit why elf-and-safety is so important

    I can’t wait to talk through the successes this season, you guys are sleigh-in’ it.