COVID-19 and offers of employment

Hi, seeking some guidance please.

We are a very small business (12 employees) and are in the process of recruiting. We have verbally offered a job which is exceptionally well paid given the role and we are cautious that given the current coronavirus potential that we take on this person and the potential impact the virus may take on the business and obviously the employees and this new person.

Would you advise to extend the start date? Rescind the offer? What alternatives would you feel would be important at this point?

We do not want to lose the individual but at the same time the business impact of corona may be substantial that we cant afford to pay them? 

Any suggestions how small businesses are dealing with this would be greatly welcomed.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Clayre, does your contract have a lay off clause in it?
  • You can be honest with them and tell them your concerns and agree a delay and or how you both ant to go ahead

    You could take them on and hope for the best but the worst case maybe letting them go in any "probation" period

    You could see if you can arrange some hybrid situation whereby they "consult" for you for a time while (if possible) keeping alternative employment
  • In reply to Katie:

    Unfortunately not, but we are reviewing our contingency plans and this will be something that we can now add going forward. Thank you for your response

  • In reply to Keith:

    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. I will reach out to her and be honest in light of the current situation.