Lieu Time for Directors

I am currently working in sports and I am in the process of reviewing contracts of employment for Directors and Snr Mgrs; the CEO does not believe there should be any TOIL at this level of seniority and I agree it is unusual at this level, however, the summer season is extremely busy with the potential for many hours to be worked - the reality is that snr folk have previously had TOIL within contracts, although they rarely use it, so legally this has the potential for challenge, however, I am keen to hear how colleagues from other Sports or similar industries manage this. Many thanks in advance. 

  • I guess the answer will be informally and positively
  • Hi Barnes

    I am not in sports but we do have this issue. Our senior people never book TOIL, but as Peter says it happens informally. If people have putting a lot of hours in, they will leave early or come in late and it is just understood that they are entitled to do so. However, we have never had anyone abuse the privilege. That could change our attitude of give and take.
  • In reply to Elizabeth:

    Agree totally with colleages. No need at all contractually to provide for it as of 'right' , but informally it usually happens. And indeed, if CEO or MD or whoever similar is on the ball in their job, they will recognize when or if it needs to happen and use their authority to make it so.

    ( Where TOIL *is* allowed, it's usually imperative to guard against the provision being used inappropriately eg by prohibiting people from simply granting it unto themselves. I've known employees produce previously unknown-about bits of paper or notebooks purporting to contain records of days or even weeks in total of TOIL 'owing' to them and if eg they're leaving employment, demanding payment for it in compensation. All the more reason very explicitly to guard against this...)