PLEASE READ... before you ask a question about 'furloughed' workers

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24 Mar, 2020 17:08

Community members are opening a lot of discussions about aspects of furlough (something that rarely vexed us before). 

Understandably, it must feel like you're starting out on your HR careers for many of you. Everything we were used to now has to be seen through a new lens.

Please do browse through recent discussions - or use the search facility. 

We also have some FAQs...

Coronavirus Job Retention scheme and furlough

But of course, keep asking your questions.

UPDATE: 27th March - There is now a specific forum for posts about the Job retention scheme and furlough (member-only though).

  • Thanks, Steve.

    It’s great for all of us that you are still at your post.
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    is in the CIPD hermetically sealed bunker deep beneath Wimbledon high street with a years supply of toilet rolls and hand sanitizer.
  • Hi Steve, app wise there's no search function I can see, and the topics seem to be in vague date order, but not entirely?
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    Does that make Steve a Womble? All together now...
    'Underground, overground, wombling free...'
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    Hi Ameera
    If you're on the app, I don't think there is a search function. You'd need to go to the full website via a browser to search.
    Kind regards
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    The Wombles (from memory) self isolated as a group and only went out when no one else was around and kept their distance from others. An ideal set of role models :-)
  • I know nobody has all the answers, but does anyone have any thoughts on furloughing and employee on maternity leave, she is about the drop down from 8 weeks full pay to 18 weeks half pay - do you think she will get 80% of the 50%?


    How are you reading of how the furloughed payments are going to be paid?

    Many thanks
  • In reply to Stacey:

    I had advice from XpertHR legal support on the topic of furloughing an employee on maternity and they said that if an employee is on maternity leave then they should remain on this as normal and that if there is not going to be any work for them when they return from maternity leave, to consult with them in terms of placing them on furlough at the end of the maternity leave period. They also said that an employee cannot be on maternity leave and furlough at the same time so unless they end their maternity leave they remain on maternity as normal.
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    But....for many employees it may well be in their interests (although a gamble) - to notify of end to maternity leave and go onto furlough
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    Thanks Gemma, that's good to know.
  • www.icaew.com/.../coronavirus-job-retention-scheme-furlough-guidance

    Hi all

    This is, so far, the most detailed info I've seen about the job retention scheme.

    Wondering how they seem to know more than what the formal info has revealed so far if it's true.......
  • We've been advised to have a selection criteria as such to determine which employees we're going to furlough. Can I ask what others are doing for this, what criteria are you using?

    We're still operational and still have work coming through from customers so whilst we don't necessary need a full workforce in our workshop we still need some of them.
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    27 Mar, 2020 13:47

    In reply to Ameera:

    Hi Ameera - is right, there is no search facility (yet) on the app. We had thought that most people would use it to catch up on discussions... e.g. on the commute (not much of that happening right now!!). It will almost certainly be in a future update.
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    Is it not possible Steve to keep this post at the top - so its the first post people read. It appears that the majority of posters are not even bothering to scroll down even to through the first page of posts - so they'll miss this one.
  • In reply to Gemma:

    We asked for volunteers at our workplace. We put out a survey asking people if they would prefer to keep working or be placed into the job retention scheme from a given date.