Casual Workers

Hello all What is everyone doing about Casual Workers, 40% of our workforce is made up of Zero Hour Workers, who have Worker Contracts and therefore can accept or refuse work and it stipulates that each period of work is a separate assignment and there is no continuous service or relationship. They are paid through PAYE. This is a large grouping and it’s not 100% clear whether they fit into a category for government support? I have been advised that we could furlough them but there is a risk they will not be covered by the government scheme. What advice is everyone giving to this group of staff, if you have any or what action are you taking? Many Thanks
  • I am stumped
    if you are paying them via PAYE that seems to contradict your paperwork and is not readily resolvable
  • Not sure if this also might apply here as just responded the same to another post (sorry not sure how or if I can link it)

    Within Local Government Casual staff are not employees (the Council doesnt have to provide work and the Casual Worker can turn it down when offered). Therefore as Casual staff are not employees they would not be entitled to pay if either they were unable to work (sick) or we were unable to offer shifts.
    Any Zero hours staff are employees and treated the same as salaried staff.
    So my understanding is that if true Casuals they are workers and not employees so not entitled? Unless this is any different outside of Local Government/Public sector?
  • In reply to Clare:

    Its a completely different world outside of local government and everywhere the terms casual and zero hour are used interchangeably and mistakenly
    All I can advise is ask HMRC
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    Yes I did wonder if that might be the case, so just putting it out there as to what is happening within my organisation if helpful to others (or not!).
    Definately agree as even Local Government doesnt always understand the difference between Casual and Zero hours and uses them correctly!