How to make HR interesting

Hi, I am looking for some inspiration.

I run my own independent HR consultancy and would welcome thoughts on how I can engage with prospective new clients on social media including LinkedIn.

As HR practioner’s we may find the subject interesting but often other’s don’t!!

However well written an article may be, it’s still an article and at this time I think that many SME business owners are suffering from information overload.

I’m looking for some help with creativity, something that will catch the eye and engage with prospects.

What have you tried, what do you think could work?

i don’t mind how “weird and wacky”, novel and dare I say risqué your thoughts are because they may spark a train of thinking that leads somewhere.

Many thanks


  • I'm not a consultant, so not sure how helpful my input will be. I have been attending a lot of Zoom meetings lately. I am finding them really interesting, I can communicate with a lot more people across the country.

    The presenters have been consultants and their Zoom presentations have made me want to research more about their businesses online. So, Zoom meetings could be an avenue.
  • Have you considered using infographics? They are a good way of making information engaging and work quite well on social media as they can be posted as images. If you search for HR infographics lots of examples come up: www.bing.com/.../search
  • Steve Bridger

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    4 May, 2020 07:36

    Hi - I'm not sure 'interesting' is the word (although I know where you're coming from). I think 'relevancy' is the key. A two paragraph blog post can be enough. A key idea. You need to find *your* voice.

    Could could always also catch the eye with an accompanying graphic you could create using something like https://www.canva.com/.
  • Hai Colin,

    A well known fact, "A picture is worth of 1000 words". Here picture refers to the info graphics available. You can plan a couple of posters having following info. 

    Find an authentic resource of info graphic supporting your thinking of "SME business owners are suffering from information overload". The source of information is key to get attention of prospective client.   

    Assume, what type of questions can be triggered in the mind of the prospective client upon glancing the info graphic, like;

    1. Am I taking decisions on facts?
    2. How far my database information is useful to me and when and where? 
    3. Is feedback is properly looped to the decision making process?

    Then,  focus on your service and how it can mitigate INFORMATION OVERLOAD in simple and few sentences or bullet points.