Standard criminal records check and credit check - how long do they take to do?

Hi All

Due to the nature of the work my company does, we have on many occasion reviewed whether we should use standard criminal records check and credit check as part of the pre-screen process. We are now looking to implement this, but the question now lies in where this work would sit. I know credit check's don't take long to do, but not familiar with the time to request a standard criminal check. Is anyone able to advise if they use similar checks, how long this takes? We're looking at whether we need a role to carry this out, or whether this could fall within existing roles.

Many thanks

  • Hi Laura
    Unless the occupations you're screening for are regulated in this regard, then generally the need to do this and the usefulness of doing so are often questionable - many would regard it as more trouble than it was ever likely to be worth and in any event intruding on individual rights to privacy
  • We did criminal record checks at a previous role (working at a call centre on behalf of a couple of banks who insisted on it being done as part of the new start screening), it took about 2 weeks if memory serves me correctly and if the form was filled in correctly with no further info being required.

    If you have your new starts fill it in, it doesn't take long to check that the relevant sections are completed.