GP's terms and conditions of employment

I'm researching GP's terms and conditions of employment and there is limited information. From what I have found, the BMA provide model terms but it is not clear when these should/must be adhered to. Do the BMA T's & C's need to be adhered to for all GP's or does it depend on whether it is an NHS post, GMS practice, PCO etc.? Does anyone have any insight that they can share?

  • Hi Sheena
    This is quite a complex area, so it would be helpful to know why you're looking so we can target advice.
    NHS Trusts employing GPs as GPs will use the NHS Employers standard contract
    Practices employing GP's can technically use whatever Ts and Cs they like, but most will base them on either the BMA or NHS ones.
    Obviously, a lot of GPs are partners, so not actually employed