Enhanced Paternity Leave

Good afternoon all,

We currently offer enhanced paternity at full pay for 2 weeks, and 50% pay for 2 weeks. An employee has requested that he takes 3 weeks full pay instead for his upcoming paternity leave.

I don't have a problem with this in theory - realising that we may be setting a precedent for the future - but that is the 'pot' of money we have allocated so to speak so if they want to use it in this manner I'm not against it.

Are there any pitfalls I'm not taking into consideration?

Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Not a pitfall as such but a consequence. Doing this is likely to see far higher take up of this benefit as it’s all at full pay.

    I would go back to why you structured it in this way and what you were trying to achieve by allowing sone at half way. Was there a reason for this ( balance with other benefits etc?) or was it just random? If random you have your answer.

    There may be a an issue in future if you are looking to extend benefit as precedence has been set that you pay three weeks at full pay.
  • It’s the custom abs practice that your putting in place, worth reviewing why it’s 2 weeks full and 2 weeks half? Consult with staff on a more flexible set of options maybe?
  • In reply to Alan:

    I see not problem with giving people a choice and I suspect most will go for the 3 weeks at full pay.
  • Thank you all - I've recently joined the Company and so I wasn't privy to the discussions around when the policy was created (the person who created it is now on maternity leave). I'll discuss with the leadership team and put my recommendations forwards!

    Thanks again!