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Prepping for HR Advisor interview

Hi all, I have a 2nd interview next week for a HR Advisor role. The first interview was a general chat and learning more about the role. I am going to prep as much as possible so would just like to know what sort of questions will be asked? I'm figuring competency-based. I've been an operational manager for a long time and have many years of generalist HR experience on the front line so I am confident that I could do the role, I'd just love some help to prepare please . Thanks in advance.

  • congrats in advance Sally, wish you the best.
  • Hi Sally,

    I’d think about examples where you’ve influenced people in the business and how it added value or kept you within regs/policy etc. Also, have a think about challenging situations and what you did to overcome them? Maybe think about a time where you’ve had to do something that you’ve not necessarily agreed personally with but needed to action it, how did you deal with it. Implementing changes is usually a good one and then the usual employee relations stuff. Good luck
  • Thanks so much Benjamin! That's all really helpful.
  • Make sure you think and talk about things from a HR perspective, rather than a line manager perspective. I interviewed a really good candidate who had been an operational manager for a HR Advisor post and she was just pipped at the post by someone who had HR experience. If she had focussed her answers a little more on the HR side of things, she might have got it. For example, when asked to talk about the recruitment process, when she got to the appointment stage she talked about what the line manager would do for induction and completely missed out pre employment checks and issuing an offer letter and contract!
  • Thanks Jacqueline! I am pleased to say that I was offered the role! So excited!
  • In reply to Sally:

    Sally, that is brilliant news. I am so pleased for you.
  • In reply to Sally:

    Fantastic! Well done