Investigation Training


I am new to this community as I have recently moved positions from quite a large organisation to a smaller one . 

I am currently putting together some training on conducting an investigation for line managers and wondered if anyone had any previous slides they could share instead of starting from scratch. 

Thanks in advance 


  • A few written examples of potential disciplinary matters which may arise in your company and then ask participants to go through the things or processes they'd need to check to investigate whether a disciplinary matter has occured and if so how to get evidence of that matter - ie, interview/s, statements, witnesses , other sources of records/information.etc., - I can't make specific examples as I don't know what your company is how it organises work etc., etc.,

    Depending on the group, this could be done in pairs, or small groups. It should generate plenty of discussion for you to input and add too.

    But here's a nice simple generic one for starters.

    """""Ben Dover, a widgetmaker, asked for Monday off as he had an appointment at an opticians. It was refused by his line - manager.

    He turned up on Tuesday, and you were later told by another member of staff that she heard from another person that he actually attended a wedding of a friend and did not go to any opticians. Ben Dover also told this person that he was absent with permission as he'd had his day off by a more senior member of staff - but you don't know who.""""

    Good luck
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    Thanks David! Much appreciated.