Extra bank holiday 2022

Hi all, Just wondering what other employers are offering next year in terms of holidays with the extra bank holidays for the queen’s jubilee? Our contract is 30 days including bank holidays and Christmas shutdown, therefore we offer an additional 2 days to the legal minimum. We just want to know what other companies are offering, whether they are giving an additional day or taking this day off their annual entitlement? Thanks

  • Think the lost goodwill of not giving it will far outweigh any marginal cost savings of taking it out of holiday entitlement
  • Hi Eleanor

    Other employers may have different contract wording, so may be contractually obliged to provide it as paid holiday. See eg explanation here

    Even if there's no contractual obligation, as Keith observes, generally it would be very likely to be perceived by staff as a niggardly / miserable / reprehensible action not to allow it just for this one-off very special event.
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    For those with a spare 15 minutes... from the archives...

    The Royal Wedding: a day off and related issues

  • We are giving an extra day to 2,000 employees
  • Hi
    My company is giving us the bank holiday but taking away a days leave from everyone which Zi
    personally cannot believe seems very mean to me
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    Hi Julie

    Might be worth checking whether they’ve any contractual right to do this in the way that they are - see link in my previous post for the usual various contractual scenarios.
    Being mean cuts both ways.
  • We are giving it to everyone as an extra bank holiday - as others have said the loss of engagement and goodwill is not worth not doing it and also we believe its the right thing to do.
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    OMG!!! Julie, your organisation should be named and shamed! Utterly speechless.
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    Not sure about named and shamed, or utterly speechless - there are too many examples of organisations doing far worse than this.

    That said, totally counter productive.

    Some of our contracts state 'plus public holidays' but do not specify the number, so in those instances we are obliged (and very happy) to add the extra public holiday to entitlement. Other contracts have holiday provisions inclusive of public holidays and therefore we are not obliged, but nonetheless we are adding the extra day as it would be both unfair and a morale 'shot in the foot' to do otherwise.

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    Fair point Robert, in the scheme of things deducting one days' holiday from the annual entitlement is minor compared to some goings on but nevertheless, that was a bit of a slap in the face!
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    We are giving an extra day. If staff are unable to take it on 3rd June because they are scheduled to work, they can take it another time, likewise any part time or condensed hours staff who aren't due to to work then. We don't have the May Bank holidays as standard closures or bank holidays.