Does CIPD no longer give access to Perkbox to members?


I have been advised that this platform is no longer accessible to CIPD members - please can you advise?


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    Hi Steve,
    Thank you for providing an update to my initial enquiry. Is this now the final say on the matter or is there potential for the CIPD to review this? I'm thinking of benefits such as discounts etc

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    Speaking personally, Annabel, couldn't agree more about the providing and receiving aspects!!
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    8 Oct, 2021 14:42

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    I agree... but I was responding to Susan, and simply stated "Many members who regularly use this Community tell me this is one of their most valued member benefits." Which is true.
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    It’s a real value benefit to me and has saved me £1000's over the years, why such the short notice? I am on my local branch committee, given how this communication has been poorly managed by the CIPD ( who are always preaching about best practice) I don't think I can recommended people to join anymore. I have added a comment on LinkedIn which has some responses, one was the CIPD asked members in a survey, no one I know was asked.
  • This would be why every time i contacted them to ask about this i was passed from pillar to post and nobody gave me an answer. Except i keep getting perkbox emails but no access.
  • There is a disappointing lack of "personal" benefits offered by the CIPD. Yes the Community is fantastic and the helpline useful on the handful of times I use it. But for the cost of membership (which does seem to keep going up) CIPD could definitely offer more. If it wasn't for the fact that my employer lets me expense my membership every year I would probably be assessing if I maintained it.
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    There's a lot of disappointment being expressed on Linkedin about this as well, and a disappointing lack of comment from the CIPD such as why the decision was made so quickly and with no communication. One thing we can be sure of though is that our membership fees will increase again next year.
  • I didn't even know it was a benefit offered by the CIPD.
  • Hi there if you have vouchers on the perkbox platform with monetary value remaining how do you access these please.

    I do not remember receiving notice this was closing down?

    As I would have downloaded the voucher.


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    Hi Laura

    Checked back on my own notification about it and there were two direct from Perkbox sent to me, so at least they tried generally but unfortunate if they missed you. This was gist of main one, which you may have seen on their website but in case not:

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    Thanks David, thats really helpful. I didn't get this message so thanks for sending.

    It's such a shame as it was a really good benefit to the membership. I used it all the time.