• Studying the CIPD qualification (UK) with no HR experience

    I'm considering studying for the Level 3 foundation certificate. I have been applying for HR Administrator positions for the last 5 months with no responses. I just got rejected for an internship because I didn't have enough experience, which I find…

  • CIPD

    UK based question.

    I'm looking to do my CIPD level 5 diploma in HR management and I'm going to do it online. I've seen ICS learn and Avado and was hoping for some advice of who to go with.


  • Employee Performance - Help Needed

    Hi everyone. 

    So I am new into my HR career. I have been given a project by my HR manager around how an employee should spend their time in the office. She want's to know (in percentage terms) how an employee should spend their time in the office on Development…

  • Cost of CIPD conferences a barrier to professional development?

    I have just received the brochure for this year’s CIPD Festival of Work and was very disappointed to discover that two days will cost £1080 for members. With London accommodation and other expenses, members are looking at c. £1500 for 2 days CPD.…

  • What else could the CIPD do for members?

    “Hello, CIPD. Welcome. Please take a seat.

    OK, this is your annual performance review and I have to say that so far we’re very pleased with your performance. There was that little incident with a number of spam messages selling pharmaceuticals, which…


    As we all know, the HR field is extremely competitive and very difficult to penetrate when looking for that first opportunity.

    I have been looking for months with no success. I have all the attributes, transferable skills and HR degree to add value to…

  • 2017 CIPD Annual Conference - Forum Fans Meet-up?


    It looks like I might have wangled my way into the Conference this year - usually it's beyond my means - and I wondered whether any other regular forumites were going to be there.

    An informal meet-up would…

  • Latest People Management Cover a disgrace

    Hi All,

    I have just received the latest People Management magazine and I am absolutely outraged by the cover which mimics a real solicitors letter addressing a case of unfair dismissal.

    I am absolutely horrified that the CIPD would do something as stupid…

  • CIPD - Brand identity refresh

    Hi everyone

    I’m Jenny, Head of Brand at CIPD. This is my first post on this community (although I do pop in now and again to keep up-to-date!)

    I wanted to share some news with you about our brand identity refresh which launches today.

    We’ve been working…

  • Re: What do you use this community for?

    Agree with the others - Elizabeth striking a particularly familiar note.

    I am an occassional responder and tend to look when I have a free lunchtime.  I start with the list of most recent topics and look for those with

    • an interesting topic I know a…
  • People Management: Electronic or paper version: Whats your preference?

    Today the latest version of people management arrived through the post however to be environmentally friendly and money that could be spent elsewhere on CIPD matters would you rather receive an e-version than paper?

    I would like to recommend that the CIPD…

  • Re: CIPD - Brand identity refresh

    Thanks for the update, Jenny.

    As a matter of interest, how much did the rebrand cost? 


  • How can the CIPD better reflect the views of its members?

    There is an interesting debate on the CIPD members LinkedIn group which was started as a debate about the most significant area for HR to tackle this year. To an extent, this has evolved into a debate surrounding the CIPD itself which has sparked my interest…