• Job Retention Scheme & Pay

    Our organisation operate a strange pay package. I'll try to explain this in stages..

    Our basic salaries are low, but employees are contractually entitled to join a "turnover bonus scheme".  Typically this works out at around 35% on top of…

  • RE: Coronavirus: Your workplace questions

    Hi everyone please note we have a new CIPD webinar recording on #Furlough this was recorded live today and was oversubscribed so we wanted to share the recording with you asap so more can benefit: www.youtube.com/watch

  • Furlough and maternity leave

    We have a member of staff who has  been in her current role for 1.5 years and is expecting a baby in September. She qualifies for the full maternity package offered  (18 weeks full pay, then Statutory Maternity Pay for a further 21 weeks). 

    We are now considering…

  • RE: Coronavirus: Your workplace questions

    I have a client question I seem unable to get an answer for, either from HMRC (can't get through, nothing specific enough online), Citizen's Advice, Acas or the CIPD factsheets and threads so would appreciate input from the network - and forgive me if…

  • Equality act / furlough


    Someone I know has recently been undergoing treatment and is classed as disabled by the equality act.

    Their company has allowed them to work from home during this process and recently allowed them to work from home during the outbreak up until this…