• Overseas applicants

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to understand the recruitment process with companies that sponsor the skilled worker visa for overseas applicants. I am planning to come to join my fiance, who is British, in England and get married this summer, following which…

  • Career Move

    Hi All


    I am aiming to start my new role in UK in an education industry as Director of People, this is my first career move to UK.


    Has anyone could help me to have more insights on how HR works in general, I have had some of my homework’s, but could…

  • Company Sick Pay

    Hi All,

    It's my first time posting within the Community so I'm really hoping to get some insight.

    I am responsible for HR within a small business and am currently tasked with amending the sickness policy, as we are concerned that our company sick…

  • Salary Reduction


    This is my first post and my first time with this issue so I am hoping you will be able to assist.

    Issue: We have an employee who has worked with us for several years and over the last few years has received extremely high pay rises.  The business…

  • How Can I Handle This Situation?

    My Dear Friends,

    I work in HR, and I have a coworker who works in a different department and shared with me his concerns. He feels insecure about his job as his Manager keeps telling him things that discourages him and kind of keeps him insecure about…

  • Employee Performance - Help Needed

    Hi everyone. 

    So I am new into my HR career. I have been given a project by my HR manager around how an employee should spend their time in the office. She want's to know (in percentage terms) how an employee should spend their time in the office on Development…