• Annual Leave

    Hi ,

    I am reviewing Annual Leave Policy at the moment . I am looking for some wording where I can capture when Annual Leave should be taken example , 1 winter week , 2 summer  etc.

    I would be interested in recommendations please .


  • Compressed working hours Vs. Holiday entitlement

    If an employee is working full time hours (37.5) in 4.5 days (rather then 5 days) should their holiday entitlement be reduced ?

    I.e. -  on 37.5 hours / 5 days (7.5 hours per day) entitlement is 28 days including bank holidays , if the employee is still working…

  • HR systems handling part time hols

    We are developing a new HR system and are after others experiences in this areas.  Currently for part time staff we look at both their pro rated entitlement to bank holidays AND their individual working patterns to be sure that they are achieving an equal…

  • Pay in lieu of annual leave & accrued working hours during transition

    We are a small charity with a very inexperienced board (trustees/committee of management). We have experienced a difficult 2-3 years of churn and have had a low grade employee acting up for us as manager.

    In this time the organisation has grown considerably…