• Persuading Staff to Complete the Engagement Survey

    Hi Everyone, 

    A week on Monday my organisation will be releasing an engagement survey for staff. The company has never done anything like this before but it will be a huge benefit for us to develop going forwards. 

    Next week we want to do a count down and…

  • Recommendations for an employee engagement survey provider for SME

    Please could you share your recommendations for a company to provide an employee engagement survey for a small business approx. 65 employees. There are loads of options out there and welcome feedback on great companies you have used. Thank you!

  • Engaging Staff to complete our Employee Survey


    We have an upcoming people survey and I wanted to reach out to see whether anyone had any innovative ways to engage employees to create a 'buzz' about surveys? We of course do the normal email campaign, posters and screensavers, but I am hoping that…

  • Internal Customer Engagement


    I have a business leader looking to gain feedback on his team and the relationship that they have with their internal customer base.  Specifically, he would like to get feedback in a similar way as a 360 degree feedback but asking the internal customers…