• How Can I Handle This Situation?

    My Dear Friends,

    I work in HR, and I have a coworker who works in a different department and shared with me his concerns. He feels insecure about his job as his Manager keeps telling him things that discourages him and kind of keeps him insecure about…

  • CIPHR Reference

    Hi All, 

    We are an international business (170 employees) with offices in the US,UK and EU and growing at a rapid pace. We are looking to implement a HR system to keep up with our growth. CIPHR is currently the running favorite...has anyone had any experience…

  • What would make this Community easier for you to use?


    We know that the Community platform has not been as stable as we'd have liked since December (which we're continually working to improve)... but looking beyond the technology... we'd welcome your insight to help us identify how we might make…

  • Recommendations for an employee engagement survey provider for SME

    Please could you share your recommendations for a company to provide an employee engagement survey for a small business approx. 65 employees. There are loads of options out there and welcome feedback on great companies you have used. Thank you!

  • Loading... 100% complete. Welcome to the new community

    Welcome to our - your - online community. 

    This community was first launched in January 2004, but this is only the second major upgrade in all that time. There is a great deal that is new, and those of you who have been regular readers and contributors…

  • feedback to 2 unsucessful internal candidates


    I’m after some advice on how to feedback to 2 internal candidates, who work on the same team, who were not shortlisted for a senior level vacancy which is now being re-advertised externally.

    The issue is how to deliver feedback that the candidates…

  • Engaging Staff to complete our Employee Survey


    We have an upcoming people survey and I wanted to reach out to see whether anyone had any innovative ways to engage employees to create a 'buzz' about surveys? We of course do the normal email campaign, posters and screensavers, but I am hoping that…

  • Mystery Shopping HR Contact Centre

    Hi All

    I've had a look at the boards and can't find anything that answers my query, so I hope you can help. If this has been posted before, please could you direct me to relevant posts?

    My organisation provides HR query resolution via a contact centre…

  • Giving feedback after interview

    Dear all,

    Following a recent interview, we rejected a candidated.  We felt they were the wrong fit with our Company in terms of team fit.  The lady was capable but was scruffy in the interview (and this is a customer facing role) and came over opinionated…

  • Evaluation of the HR Department

    I am keen to get some feedback from the business on the effectiveness of our HR function. Does anyone have experience of this and/or a questionnaire that we could use?

    At this point I am interested in getting feedback from our Senior Leadership team however…

  • Document Management/CRM system

    Dear All

    I am looking for some feedback from other HR professionals that have used a Document Management/CRM system.

    My organisation is thinking of introducing such a system company wide and I just wondered what experiences other had, good or bad.

    My main…