• RE: When will CIPD stop wishing me a Happy Christmas and start wishing me Happy Holidays?

    Hi Debbie, thanks for your message, it's interesting to hear different viewpoints.

    We take a varied approach with our seasonal greetings here at the CIPD. Our official cards say Season's greetings, we refer to 'festive' activities quite a lot in messaging…

  • RE: CIPD Diversity Calendar 2019

    Thanks Johanna

    I think it would a fabulous idea to renew it for 2019. I have a feeling that diversity and inclusion is going to be a hot topic for next year, amongst other things...not mentioning the B word.

  • Do events need to be for all?

    hoping someone can give guidance on what they currently do?

    We are a nationwide company with a head office.

    To build an engaged workforce and improve communication we want to hold a few events. These events would be a relatively cheap and be held in the…