• Facebook job ads/GDPR

    We've been posting some of our job ads on Facebook for a few months now so I wanted to tidy up and delete rejected applicants' details, which we don't need to keep under GDPR.  However, Facebook doesn't give me this function when I log in to…

  • Values based recruitment

    I work for an SME that is partly about trying to influence the more traditional mindset of larger, more hierarchical organisations. Has anyone had any experience they could share about working with larger organisations to encourage them to implement values…

  • Recruitment Software

    Evening All,

    Looking for some advice. We are looking to change our internal recruitment database, and looking for advise on which recruitment software has worked well for other people.

    The team using it will primarily be IT Recruiters (Both permanent and…

  • ATS for small to medium size business

    Hi All, 

    I am currently looking into implementing an ATS at the company I am working for. At the moment we don't use any software at all. Our business have about 200 employees and is growing rapidly. 

    I just wanted to ask for suggestions? any particular…

  • Brexit/ Resourcing

    Between 2016 and 2018 there was a 95% fall in EU nationals joining the UK workforce. How much pressure do you think your organisation/ sector experienced in regards to recruitment?

  • Recruitment Struggles

    Good Morning,

    Wondered if anyone could help.  We have had struggles recruiting a Quality Manager.

    Could anyone recommend a good head-hunter or agency who specialises in the recruitment of Quality / Manufacturing candidates?

    Thank you


  • Internal vacancy advertising for 1 week - is this discriminatory?

    Our policy is to advertise vacancies internally for one week, then externally is required. A concern has been raised that an employee who is a carer of a person/persons with protected characteristics under the Equality Act, and on the presumption job applications…


    As we all know, the HR field is extremely competitive and very difficult to penetrate when looking for that first opportunity.

    I have been looking for months with no success. I have all the attributes, transferable skills and HR degree to add value to…

  • Excel Shortlist Assessment Form

    Good afternoon

    My organisation is currently in the process of moving to online recruitment and we are currently reviewing our shorlist assessment form.

    Currently we have a Word template which we tailor and print for each recruitment vacancy, but with…

  • Health Checks



    I work in care and currently reviewing our recruitment package for health care assistants including offer letter, policy & procedures etc..... I've noticed that in the existing offer letter the following statement is made

    ‘This offer of employment…