• Employee motivation in company health management (Survey)

    Hello everybody, for my bachelor thesis I'm doing a survey about 'employee motivation in company health management' (available in German and English).
    I would be very greatful, if you could participate. Thank you and best regards, Sabrina

  • Master thesis - "Z Generation" Survey

    Dear all, 

    I am a "Human Resources" student at SNSPA, Romania and I am writing my Master's thesis about the Z Generation – work engagement and motivation
    As part of my research project I've launched a survey to assess how the workforce…

  • Recommendations for an employee engagement survey provider for SME

    Please could you share your recommendations for a company to provide an employee engagement survey for a small business approx. 65 employees. There are loads of options out there and welcome feedback on great companies you have used. Thank you!

  • Internal Customer Engagement


    I have a business leader looking to gain feedback on his team and the relationship that they have with their internal customer base.  Specifically, he would like to get feedback in a similar way as a 360 degree feedback but asking the internal customers…

  • Re: Have your say: CIPD Member Survey 2015

    The survey was a great disappointment to me.

    It covered areas I had no interest commenting on, missed many others and did not allow any free form comment.

    Rather pointless.

    But it did show the CIPD could contact ALL members quickly and relatively cheaply…