Alternative recruitment options

Has anyone got experience of recruiting from alternative sources that they would like to share, I am looking to widen the demographic of our workplace and have so far made links with the Shaws Trust, a local homeless charity and the Job Centre.

  • Hi Alison, some added info would be useful, such as your industry sector, location, are you looking for specific job skills or experience?  One immediate thought is approaching local companies who are going through redundancies.  Again, the required skills may be a significant influence but previously this has come up trumps for me.  :-)
  • Hi Alison

    We have used a company called CTP, they have a contract with the MoD to support service personnel (Army, Navy, RAF) back in to work. The service is free and we have had a very high calibre of candidates coming through to us via careers events and job postings.

    I believe each region has a consultant who works with employers to place ex service personnel in to roles.


  • Hi Amy

    This is an interesting link which I intend to explore for recruitment – thanks for your post.