if you know someone is doing this simply to benefi themselves but you can't prove it andin the process are flying in the face of the equality process how do you sort this out ifas a result of this you may be dismissed?



  • Mark

    I think you are going to have to give a few more details here. I understand the term gerrymandering in political constituency terms but am struggling to see it employment terms.

    Whistleblowing is always an option I guess.


  • If it is related to a politic act then I suggest contacting the Boundary Commission for further advice
  • Hi Mark

    Are you using appropriate terminology here?

    Gerrymandering is the (unlawful) manipulation of electoral constituency boundaries in order to favour a particular party or candidate.

    I assume you mean some kind of underhand attempt unfairly to influence the decision makers in eg a workplace selection process. If that results in candidates etc with 'protected characteristics' under the Equality Act suffering a detriment, then that's unlawful, and protected disclosures / whistleblowing protection applies to anyone proclaiming that fact. However, if there's nothing unlawful going on, eg, it's just Bertie pulling a few strings or calling-in a few favours, then that might well be unfair on other candidates etc but it isn't unlawful and therefore whistleblowing can't apply. However, if you're victimised for pointing out that there's been unfairness and manipulation afoot, then this *may* be enough to bring a constructive unfair dismissal claim or grounds for claiming unfair dismissal, if the employer dismisses for trumped-up reasons.