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I am currently working in an HR capacity in a SME (financial advisory services) and studying towards a level 7 CIPD qualification. I have always been interested in diversity for many reasons, and recently started a diversity module as part of my course. I am eager to work in diversity (diversity officer) but I am unsure where to start. I went some networking events but I feel it's not sufficient to put my foot in the door. 
Has anyone got any advice on how to start a career in diversity? 

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  • Hi Helene, I can't offer any practical experience of my own but here are some ideas which may get you off the starting blocks:

    If you have not already done so it's worth creating a LinkedIn profile as this will enable you to search for like-minded colleagues as well as join any appropriate discussion groups, there's bound to be a few

     If your working pattern has some flexibility you may like to consider volunteering for any charities which include diversity in their strategy and objectives.  That way you'll gain some valuable experience as well as demonstrate your commitment in this subject area

    Have a look at previous winners of PM and Personnel Today awards as I think this subject is included in the judging categories - this could help to identify any potential employers who are serious about embracing diversity within their culture

    A quick Google search on 'diversity champions' will bring up some potential sign posting and the CIPD discussion forum includes Diversity as a separate discussion board

    Please come back and let us know how you get on.  :-)

  • Hi Helene,

    Drop me a line, I can help.

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  • Hi Helene,

    I think Clare has given you some good tips to start with. Have you had any luck since your original post?

    I must admit it seems to be a difficult area to break into. Pure diversity focussed roles are quite scarce and highly sought after.

    There do appear to be more roles in the public sector because of the public sector equality duties, but these often have a legislation and compliance focus, rather than a real inclusion and diversity focus.

    Other sectors leading the charge on diversity include financial services and professional services, so there are specialist roles, but they usually get filled by people already in the organisation who may be in other strategic people or talent roles. 

    I would also love to move into a diversity specialist role and have considerable inclusion and diversity experience from roles at my previous employer, including lots of experience managing diversity resource groups, but so far my attempts have been unsuccessful. I've applied for a few roles and sadly not even managed to secure an interview.

    I have recently joined the CIPD's own Senior Diversity Network, so I am hoping that will be helpful in future for demonstrating my knowledge of this area.

    Good luck :)