Equality and Diversity monitoring form


I will start this month to use for first time a Equality and Diversity monitoring form, and I am not sure how to give them to our workforce and how they have to give them back.

can I do this by email or it has to be anonymous?

any help is more than welcome



  • Hi Gonzalo

    The administrative procedures with the form don't matter very much - what really matters is how you intend to use the data, howsoever you collect it.

    Whatever way you try with the form, you'll probably get a very small response from existing staff. But what do you know about them already? Male or female as regards most if not all; ethnic origin can be less obvious but is often fairly apparent. So there you have a start. Then you can send out blank monitoring forms to everyone, along with an explanation as to why you want the data and how you intend to use it. If you are only looking for aggregate data, you don't need to know about the individuals, so it' may be far more 'user-friendly' if you maybe give them the choice either of returning it anonymously or if they don't mind emailing it back to you. You will have explained along with the form that you're primarily interested in monitoring the composition of the existing workforce, so you don't need to know about individuals and no data that identifies particular individuals will be kept, even if they choose not to return the forms anonymously. HOWEVER, you are also anxious to promote in all ways possible greater equality of opportunity etc, so if anyone would like personally to bring anything to your attention - eg to relate relevant personal expereriences or feelings or to ensure provision of reasonable adjustments, you'd welcome that too - in absolute confidence of course.

    But even after all that you'll probably only get aggregate responses from a small proportion of total number of employees and you'll just have to regard it as a start and make the best of what little you might have got - or if you get a lot, think yourself either a genius or very fortunate. In time, with natural turnover of staff, if you monitor in detail new starters, ultimately you'll get a fuller picture.

    This may all sound a bit rough and ready and even defeatist, but just trying to be realistic / practical - on that score, you don't really need detailed monitoring data to conclude eg that your workforce *seems* to be eg not as diverse as it should be, eg if say Asian people make up say 20% of the local population but that's obviously not reflected in your workforce, then do something about it.
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    Thank you for your help
    As always is a pleasure to learn from your wisdom
    kind regards